Dental Microscope

In my practice I use a dental microscope producing high power magnification and illumination during intra oral cavity examinations. This allows me to identify even microscopic changes of the normal tooth structure. Early detection of the tooth structure pathology reduces the clinical intervention and preserves the vital tooth structure. Many dentists who do not use dental microscopes in their practices very often mis-diagnose the active caries elision and tooth fractures leaving imperfections of tissue preparation or missing root canals during endodontic treatments which lead to serious complications and tooth loss.

Intra oral Scanner

What is the iTero intraoral scanner?

The iTero intraoral digital scanner is just that, an electronic scanner that produces a full 3D scan of both the upper and lower bridges of teeth. It does this by taking thousands of pictures a second and compiling them into an easy-to-see 3D scan for the patient and dentist to view. The scanning process is very quick and simple to complete. Dr Deyanov will use the iTero scanner to scan your top and bottom sets of teeth, all within just a couple of minutes. Unlike traditional impression techniques, the iTero scanner does not use any messy or uncomfortable polyvinyl siloxane (the typical material used in creating a dental impression). Quick and painless!

What can you do with the iTero scanner?

The real question should be, what can’t you do with the iTero scanner? This amazing piece of technology creates a 3D rendering of a patient’s mouth in just a few minutes. Once the scan is complete, it can be used for a variety of dental purposes.

Crown & Implant Creation

The iTero 3D virtual scan can be sent to labs to create detailed crowns and implants that are tailored perfectly for each patient.

Treatment Visual Aid

We’ll show you the before treatment scans next to the projected after treatment scans so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Outdated dental impressions take up a lot of physical space, and can only be stored in a dental office for so long. Unlike traditional impressions, the iTero 3D scan is a digital file and can be stored for years to come for each one of our patients. If your teeth shift or you require more treatment several years down the road, no problem, we’ll know exactly what your teeth used to look like and we’ll get them back to how you want them!

How can the scanner make Invisalign easier?

Another amazing benefit of the iTero scanner is how easily it works with Invisalign treatment options. The scanner is compatible with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator, showing you your future treatment possibilities in real-time. The 3D virtual scan allows you to receive your clear aligners much faster than any traditional method.

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